No money, no money, no money

For the last few years, we’ve heard the mantra from many school board members and the administration – no money, no money, no money – especially for new programs.
Thanks to Isthmus we now learn that “The district has spent five years building infrastructure, training staff and convincing stakeholders of the growing demand for virtual learning.”
Development of the virtual classroom once again confirms the administration’s approach to managing the MMSD to minimize input from any source other than administrative staff in the Doyle Building. The administration always seems to find money for what it wants to do, such as a new classroom at Marquette, but never money for suggestions from others.

3 thoughts on “No money, no money, no money”

  1. I’d agree with you on this one, Ed. And it plays into the whole idea that the budget is so obfuscating that unless someone comes forward to talk about a specific project such as this, the public would never know it was being funded just by perusing the budget documents!
    What I wonder is, with a virtual school, does a Madison taxpayer still have to pay the tuition?

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