Schools Of Hope – Tutors Needed

[Not part of the “farewell series,” much more important]
There are a number of factors that have contributed to the historic closing of the achievement gap in Madison schools including small class sizes and talented and well trained teachers. But there’s no disputing the United Way of Dane County-led Schools of Hope project and the hundreds of tutors it has mobilized have played a crucial role. So crucial that a significant decrease in tutors would put the hard won gains at risk. We believe this community won’t let that happen.
United Way, and Schools of Hope partners RSVP and the Urban League are conducting training for tutors right now. Tutors need no prior experience or training, just the interest to devote a little time to helping en elementary school child with reading or a middle school child with algebra. 104 volunteers registered this week. But at least another hundred are needed. The next training is Tuesday October 3 from 4:00 to 6:00 at the Memorial Union. Schools of Hope is a community success. It works because of you. It’s that important. Help if you can.

One thought on “Schools Of Hope – Tutors Needed”

  1. Thank you for posting this information. I’ve tutored over the years directly with schools where my daughter attended in reading and math, but Schools of Hope provides an organized opportunity to reach to a larger audience.
    Re farewell. I haven’t always been treated kindly on this website either – directly or indirectly in posts I did not even make. I don’t like how that feels, but I feel strong public education is important for all our children and that an open discussion is part of that process. I think SIS has provided the only forum where people can publish a wide, wide variety of information, which I value. I’m also learning, even through my recent posts, how to clarify what I’m trying to say and to learn.
    I hope you consider extending your “farewell” for important posts such as this one, or delay your farewell indefinitely.

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