A Better Breakfast Can Boost a Child’s Brainpower

Allison Aubrey

Attention, children: Do not skip breakfast — or your grades could pay a price.
Evidence suggests that eating breakfast really does help kids learn. After fasting all night, a developing body (and brain) needs a fresh supply of glucose — or blood sugar. That’s the brain’s basic fuel.
“Without glucose,” explains Terrill Bravender, professor of pediatrics at Duke University, “our brain simply doesn’t operate as well. People have difficulty understanding new information, [they have a] problem with visual and spatial understanding, and they don’t remember things as well.”

One thought on “A Better Breakfast Can Boost a Child’s Brainpower”

  1. PROTEIN TOO, not just sugar to get the brain going. 5-10g is best for kids to get the day off to a good start. My children haven’t had MMSD’s breakfast meals, but I see on the menu what’s served and think often about the low protein sources (often just the milk!)

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