Scores on New SAT Expected to Decline

Jay Matthews:

College Board officials say they are expecting as much as a five-point average decline in math and verbal scores on the new SAT, leading many high school counselors to conclude that the longer test is wearing out test takers and hurting their performance.
At least 15 colleges and universities have reported even greater drops in the average scores on the nation’s leading college entrance exam among applicants for this fall’s freshman class. On the nine campuses of the University of California, the largest user of the SAT, average scores declined by 15 points, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill reported a 12-point drop. Final national figures are not expected until August.

One thought on “Scores on New SAT Expected to Decline”

  1. I am not surprised. I know when I took it, I was exhausted after, and it was “only” math and verbal. It was an hours-long process already, and now they are extending it and putting the written sections at the end? Talk about setting people up to do less than their best on the last sections. I happen to be a “good test-taker”; if I remember how long it was over fifteen years ago (okay, probably 20), then making it longer cannot possibly be a good thing.

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