Marisue, will you open your posts for comments?

I noticed that you haven’t left your last couple of posts open for comments. I hope that you just forgot and didn’t do it to keep people from engaging you in a discussion.
If the comments were open, I’d have asked you whether you will be asking the board tonight to support the MMSD string program. Will you be?

6 thoughts on “Marisue, will you open your posts for comments?”

  1. Unfortunately Ed, because of my email system and how it interacts with SIS, I receive junk mail when I allow postings to have open comments. That is why I closed them; it was not to limit the discussion. It’s probably the same reason for Ruth and Barb.
    I’m unsure of why you are asking me your specific question. My postings were about animals in the classroom and quite honestly, I’m unsure at this time if I will be able to make a public appearance tonight; that’s for me to decide and the BOE to consider.
    As I said, I hope more people will be encouraged to watch, listen, email and participate in these discussions. You answer: I support the arts in education, I know of no one who does not.

  2. Why, might I add, did the original posting from Barb Shrank get deleted? It was this posting that caused my concern for the lack of respect for the animals in the classroom discussion this morning. It was posted around 7-8 am this morning 3/27.
    The comments on these ‘were’ closed therefore I couldn’t supply the dialog in the comments section.

  3. Strings is as important as animals in the classroom, so I was hoping that you’d weigh in on strings. You probably have more good will and influence with the board than Barb or me.
    The junk mail is indeed an annoying issue. Usually it doesn’t start arriving until a particular post has been up for a couple of months or so. When you start getting junk, check to see what posting it references. Then, go into the administrative section of SIS, find that posting, and close the comments section. The junk should stop — at least for that post.

  4. Barb might know why the posting disappeared. As you know, only the author can edit or delete a post.

  5. May I suggest setting up a gmail account through Google? This keeps the spam away, at least away from my serious email account.

  6. I rewrote my earlier blog giving consideration to Marisue’s comments, which I agreed with. The point of my blog was not the work of the Live Animals in the Classroom task force but rather my concerns about the apparent lack of budget discussions on the board calendar for what appeared to me to be the entire month of March 2006.

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