MSCR committee planting questions at School Board forum

Ruth Robarts originally posted the following:
On March 30, the North Side Planning Council will host a public forum for school board candidates at the Warner Park Community Recreation Center starting at 7 p.m. Usually, the NSCP moderates a panel discussion with the school board candidates. During the forum, the candidates respond to a set of questions developed by NSCP. When time permits, the moderator facilitates questions from the audience.
There’s a new twist this year. A citizen advisory committee for the Madison School Community Recreation (MSCR) program is planning to bring a list of its own questions.
On Tuesday, March 28 the MSCR Citizen’s Advisory Committee will meet to “develop questions to ask Board of Education candidates” at the NSCP forum, according to the official agenda of the committee.
The citizen members of the advisory committee are all appointed by the Board of Education. Board member Johnny Winston, Jr., is currently the representative of the school board on the committee. Senior staff from MSCR participate in these meetings.

2 thoughts on “MSCR committee planting questions at School Board forum”

  1. Have Johnny Winston, Jr., other incumbent board members, and MMSD staff sunk to the level of convicted former legislator Scott Jensen, using public resources and staff to engage in electoral activities in order to asssure the continuation of their positions?

  2. Little in the world happens by coincidence.
    After reading about the MSCR advisory committee and posting an earlier comment, I suddently remembered a quote by edukation4u:
    “Having problems with his viewing of hetrogeneous classes [as] good for everyone, I was very confused by this data. I asked how this info was gathered and I would like a list (not just one or two classes) of what is considered “advanced”. Well no suprise, I didn’t receive a response from Juan, but a volunteer was “asked by Mr. Lopez to respond”. I was told that this was information from staff of MMSD. And he had a quote from DPI stating that classes consisted of AP classes, Honors and Foreign Langages.”
    Are MMSD staff working hand-in-glove with Juan Lopez’s campaign to supply Juan with information? Was the volunteer an MMSD staff person working on MMSD time?
    Granted, my questions seem outrageous, but the allegations about illegal activities in the state legislature were outrageous AND true.

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