Message from Rep. Sondy Pope-Roberts

Dear Friend:
On Wednesday March 1, at 10:00 am in the Assembly Parlor in the State Capitol, I will be joined by a group of Legislators representing districts around the state to unveil a Joint Resolution that directs the Legislature to create a new school financing system that provides each child with an equal opportunity for a sound basic education. Under the resolution, the school financing system must find a way to provide an adequate education to all pupils in the state regardless of their circumstances or regional differences. If you support our efforts, I hope that you can attend the press conference to show your support.
Attached is a copy of the resolution.
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3 thoughts on “Message from Rep. Sondy Pope-Roberts”

  1. Johnny and other community leaders: What specifically can we do as a group to support Rep. Pope ROberts? The issue of full funding for our public education system is THE issue facing our state right now. I completely agree with Kristine Lamont that the future of our communities and of this state rests in solid support for public education. What tangible things can we do in the next few weeks to register our support and move forward as a community. I’m willing to work hard on this one.

  2. Hear, hear. I apologize if I’m late to the party, but can anyone tell me if there is any group or individual who has advanced, or is working on, a more specific agenda for change to the school funding formula? Specifically, does someone have an actual plan that would work better, and that might have some chance of appealing to a fairly large number of district’s across the state? Thanks..

  3. Ms. Swedeen:
    I actually posted something to your reply a few days ago but it didn’t make it onto the comment box. I really think it is time to strategize about school funding. If you look at just about every community, there is a problem with funding their public schools. This is not a coincidence. Unfortunately we have too many people unwilling to recognize that there is a problem. This strategy keeps everyone fighting amongst themselves or groups they represent so no one sees who the real culprit is – the state and federal government. A grassroots effort really needs to take place to change this. Just writing letters to the editor and to legislators is a start.

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