Take Home Test: Week 5


6618 voters in the Madison Metropolitan School District have spoken: school board candidates Maya Cole and Arlene Silveira will move on the April 4 general election. Cole received 2338 votes (or 35.32%), Silveira received 3191 votes (or 48.21%), while third place candidate received 996 votes (or 15.04%).

With that, week five of the Take Home Test is condensed to four candidates: yesterday’s winners in the Seat One race, along with Seat Two candidates Juan Jose Lopez and Lucy Mathiak.

This week’s questions:

Extra credit question: ” Role playing exercise: Convince a family moving to the Madison metro area that Madison schools will provide as good as or better educational opportunities than they would receive in a suburban school district.”

One thought on “Take Home Test: Week 5”

  1. These Take Home Tests have been a very creative way of researching the candidates.
    As board members and candidates, I believe they should provide insight and testimonials. As well, I consider one aspect of the BOE, is to be ambassadors for our district.
    So I would ask, “Who convinced you?”
    The second question this week is:
    Can you justify building a new school at a time when the district’s enrollment is stable or declining somewhat?
    The responses can be found here: http://www.thedailypage.com/daily/node/996
    Both questions demonstrate the differences in the candidates.

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