The importance of diversity and race relations training

This clip is one more reason for the importance of diversity and race relations training in this district and every other in the country. This sad commentary is another reason for the position of Special Assistant to the Superintendent for Parent and Community Relations. In addition to that position, the MMSD needs to be committed to the Minority Recruiter position. Lastly, (and please listen closely at toward the end of the clip) yet another reason for students of color to be involved in Advanced Placement courses. I received this from my wife, who received it through colleagues. It is shameful…do not enjoy but educate yourself.

Dr. Angela Byars-Winston wrote:
I thought that you might both find this incident in the schools
informative. It is quite provocative.
Johnny, for this reason I’m glad for your presence on the school
board. (note: I thought I would never see that last line in writing!)
Dear Colleagues,
We recently received this news clip (see below) from a colleague, which we have attached and would like to share with you. It disturbed us greatly! More importantly, it underscores how imperative it is as educators that we continue to talk about diversity and challenge ourselves to discuss issues of race, particularly with regard to language in substantive and sometimes uncomfortable ways. This one news clip speaks volumes and helps to illustrate how inequities
and racism, whether intentional or unintentional, are insidiously and sadly woven into the fabric of our educational system. Inequalities within our educational system are painful and have real consequences for young people, particularly those from underrepresented groups. We share this clip not so much to argue a point; but, to provide an example of how one teacher’s ignorance has the potential to negatively impact the lives of many.
Ghangis & Stephanie Carter