How Safe is Your Madison High School – East?


How safe is your teen’s school?
WISC-TV wanted to know. Eric Franke and Terri Barr conducted a three-month investigation into all four Madison area high schools.
They analyzed the number of police calls and arrests made on school campuses.


One thought on “How Safe is Your Madison High School – East?”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Jim. It was heartwarming to see a special on East – with 10 pm live interview with Principal Allan Harris – last night. It was particularly gratifying to see East presented in a positive light, with numbers showing a decline in police interventions this past year.
    A lot of the credit goes to the change in leadership at East, along with the active and ongoing support of East staff, parents, and neighbors (the neighborhood association is playing a very active role).
    There is no such thing as a perfect school, but the progress that has been made over the last 12 months is evidence that we can have a great influence in how our schools work by making good choices and then commiting time and energy to make sure that the good choices also are successful choices.

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