Performance and Achievement Videos available.

Videos of the Performance and Achievement committee meetings of January 30 and February 6 are available in the Performance and Achievement blog.
The topics of these meetings were heterogeneous vs. homogeneous classroom instruction. Professor Adam Gamoran, Director of WCER, made a presentation at the January 30 meetng. His Powerpoint presentation and a research paper are included.
The following week continued with presentations by Mike Lipp, West HS Biology teacher; Linda McQuillen, Math Resource teacher; Jenny Ruef, Math teacher at East HS; Lisa Wachtel, Science and Environment Coordinator, and Pam Nash, Asst Superintendent for Secondary Schools.

3 thoughts on “Performance and Achievement Videos available.”

  1. Larry,
    Thank you for taping and posting the video from the meeting. This was a particularly important set of presentations and one that anyone interested in district curriculum should watch.
    One note: the public appearances that were deferred to the regular board meeting also were quite good. I *think* these may be broadcast on the MMSD site periodically (past practice has been to broadcast board meetings more than once), so you may want to keep your eyes peeled when channel flipping.

  2. These meetings should also be on the MMSD website in QT format, as Marcia Standiford and Gray Miller in Media are trying to make all meetings so available.
    Unfortunately, I have been able to successfully view their QT movies — download from their site fails.
    Sorry I was unable to tape the public comments — I only had tape enough for 1 1/2 hours and was unable to tape that portion.

  3. Hi Larry,
    Please understand that I was not criticizing. I was trying to provide additional information because people who were not there from the beginning of P&A through the end of public appearances at the special board meeting are wouldn’t know that P&A is available via you, public appearances via MMSD.
    You did a great service by being there and taping the meeting – I doubt that any of us anticipated just how long that meeting would run by the time the last speaker took the microphone.
    Also, since a large number of people in the audience left before all of the speakers had finished, they would have missed some excellent comments by MMSD staff, so I wanted to flag that there was some good supplementary information added at the very end of the public appearances.
    All the best,

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