NYC Schools: Administration, Teachers Union and Parents

Interesting article on the leadership dynamics of the New York City Department of Education by David Herszenhorn:

“Parents and parent organizations feel less enfranchised now than they did four years ago, and that is a dangerous trend,” Mr. Sanders said. He added, “Ultimately you cannot have a successful education system if parents and communities of parents don’t feel invested.”
Stephen Morello, Mr. Klein’s communications director, issued a statement saying parent involvement “has been an important priority from the beginning of our reform efforts.”

One thought on “NYC Schools: Administration, Teachers Union and Parents”

  1. This quote reminds me of the process used to create and implement West’s English Curriculum Reduction Plan and the Non-academic Middle School Model. Just substitute those for Lobby Day:
    “There is no consultation prior to Lobby Day of what parents want,” said Juan de la Cruz, a member of the council who has two children in Queens high schools. “It’s always their agenda, and we’re just there for bodies.”

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