3 thoughts on “Leopold’s Math Night”

  1. It looks like it was just for those in ELL classes (Spanish speaking). This may be why you didn’t hear about it.

  2. The Math night at Leopold was organized by teachers to assist Latina families who are new to the US school district to better understand how math is taught in the schools and how they play a vital role in the lives of their children. We will be having other math nights for the entire school body throughout the year and have included various math topics in our monthly newsletter to parents. The goal of the first meeting was to engage the parents of English language learners on the topic of math education, many of whom are recent immigrants. All of the parents of our students realize the importance of learning English, but some may not understand have understood the importance of a strong foundation in mathematical principles. Therefore, we decided to have a math night dedicated to the unique needs of the parents and families. We received the addresses and phone numbers of 25 parents who are interested in continuing an on going discussion on how we can (families and schools) together assist all children to achieve.

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