Why is the MMSD Afraid to Have a General Discussion of Their Mathematics Program?

A year ago the Jefferson PTO planned to have a mathematics night, with a discussion of their math program. I was asked if I would appear and said yes. The Madison Metropolitan School District was asked and they refused to send anyone, saying that they did not want to do this school by school. but district wide. When Mary Ramberg was asked when this would be done, she said they had no plans to do this.
Here is part of the report from 1882 from the State Superintendent about textbooks. At this time changes in textbooks had to be approved by the State Superintendent. The following should be done:

  • 3d. That regard shall be had to the merits of the books, and that if the change is sought to be made in the interests of better books, the superior merits of the books proposed to be introduced shall be stated.
  • 4th. That the change shall not be against the pronounced public opinion of the locality interested.

Why is the MMSD afraid to have a general discussion of their mathematics program?

One thought on “Why is the MMSD Afraid to Have a General Discussion of Their Mathematics Program?”

  1. The MMSD administration also does not want to discuss West’s English Curriculum Reduction Plan or the Non-academic Model for Madison’s middle schools.
    I find it refreshing, however, to see the board wisely welcoming public discussion on the equity formula and attendance issues.
    Are we witnessing an emerging difference between the MMSD administration and the board on the role of the public in decision making for our children?

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