Madison School Board looking for community members to serve on Equity Task Force

The Madison School Board is looking for persons interested in serving on an Equity Task Force. At this time we are targeting our efforts in finding citizens that live and/or have children in the LaFollette and Memorial attendance areas. Persons selected will need to be sensitive and understanding of issues of poverty, class, privilege, race, and disenfranchisement. Other attributes would include someone who has had experience working or living in a culture, community or environment that serves predominately low income or individuals in a minority group.

The Equity Task Force will recommend to the Board of Education an equity policy that includes:
– a definition of equity,
– a statement of the district’s commitment to equity, and
– possible guidelines for implementing the policy.
Timeline will include several meetings with the Madison school district administration. The dates and times will be discussed amongst the selected membership.
This is an important Task Force! If you are interested in assisting in this effort, please contact school board President Carol Carstensen at 255-5931 or Thank you for your consideration in this important effort. Please respond by Wednesday December 21st.
Johnny Winston, Jr.
Vice President
Madison School Board

6 thoughts on “Madison School Board looking for community members to serve on Equity Task Force”

  1. Johnny, thank you for posting this. I didn’t realize that ya’ll still needed folks from the Memorial and LaFollette areas, so I’ll try to brainstorm a few of my contacts and urge them to apply.
    Things are moving very slowly in my household after our nasty traffic accident last Thursday, and my head isn’t completely together yet…but I must tell you, the guys from the Northport/Troy Drive Rescue Squad were FANTASTIC with my son Hunter. He suffered multiple facial lacerations and required 29 stitches. I didn’t want to let go of him when they pulled up!
    Yes, the Equity Policy is an important piece to the puzzle of keeping the MMSD on a positive course for all students. I’m still strongly behind the citizens having their say in how the Board approaches their Equity Policy. It’s just that right now, I have to take care of my family. Please give those guys at the fire/rescue station my sincere thanks- until I can get out to do so myself! Dave

  2. This effort sounds very interesting. Why is it that only Memorial and LaFollette areas are involved at this time? Thanks.

  3. Dave:
    I will pass along your “thank you” to the crew at Fire Station #10. My thoughts and prayers go out to you, your son and your family for a speedy recovery. Our community needs you so get better quick.
    Ms. Bastian:
    Per the request of the Board President, I sent this request out to several list serves that communicate predominately with people of color. These included the 100 Black Men of Madison, Madison Black Professional Network, Latino Support and Communities United. With this issue it is very important to get a very diverse set of views as well as representation from our attendance areas. At the October 31st board meeting, it was communicated to board members to nominate people from all of the high school attendance areas. At this time, I believe some of the nominations are lacking from LaFollette and Memorial.
    Johnny Winston, Jr.

  4. Johnny, Thanks for always responding quickly. And indeed, good wishes to your family, David. Be well soon. Marcia

  5. I ahve a question for Mr. Winston (or anyone else).
    I applied for the Equity Task Force and am under the impression that the goal is to have representatives form each elementary school attendance area. How will paired schools be treated in the formulation? Will there be a Lincoln representative and a Midvale or (in my case) a Frankilin rep and a Randall rep?
    Thank you

  6. Thomas:
    Members of the Equity Task Force will be picked by HIGH School attendance area – 3 from each of the areas. I now have a number of volunteers from each area and will be finalizing my list this week – and then it must go to the Board for approval.

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