Congratulations to LaFollette Principal Mike Meissen

Message to the School Board from Superintendent Art Rainwater:
I am pleased to announce that Mike Meissen has accepted the position of Superintendent of the Glenbard Township High School District in Illinois effective July 1, 2006. Glenbard is a high school district with 4 high schools and almost 9,000 students.
After many years of service to the children of Madison, we are all very excited that Mike can realize his dream of leading a school district.

Note from me: I think this is a wonderful opportunity for Mr. Meissen. He has been very dedicated to LaFollette and the community as a whole. I know he’ll do a great job for the Glenbard Township High School District.

4 thoughts on “Congratulations to LaFollette Principal Mike Meissen”

  1. We moved to Madison 15 months ago from the Glenbard District. They have maintained high standards but are facing significant financials issues. I expect we’ll be getting a number of calls from friends asking about Mr. Meissen – what’s he like, what has he accomplished, etc. I have not had any exposure to him. Would anyone care to fill me in? Thanks.

  2. Kevin:
    I know that Mr. Meissen has wanted to be a Superintendent for a long time. I believe this makes him “hungry” to do well. His father was a long time Principal in the MMSD. If my memory serves me, when he first started at LaFollette, I believe there was skepticism about his abilities but he soon won over the students, staff and community. He seems very easy going and even-tempered. I have heard few complaints about his leadership. I think he’ll do a great job! I’m very happy for him.

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