Grant to Increase AP Classes

Matt Pommer:

Madison will build on Project Excel, a program started last year to identify promising eighth-graders and provide assistance as they begin their high school years. Assistant Superintendent Pam Nash said the grant focuses on helping those students in the ninth grade.
Memorial High School now has a large number of advanced placement courses, and the district will focus on increasing the advanced placement courses at the other three high schools. Advanced placement courses often provide college credits, and that’s important in an era of high tuitions, Nash said.
“Advanced placement courses are wonderful opportunities for students to be challenged,” she said.
The eight rural districts, all in southwestern Wisconsin, will expand their opportunities through distance learning, aided by the University of Wisconsin and the Cooperative Educational Service Agency in Tomahawk.

3 thoughts on “Grant to Increase AP Classes”

  1. I thought that the MMSD was pushing to eliminate advance placement (AP) courses at West. Now I read praise for AP courses and plans to expand them.
    Am I losing my mind? My hearing? My sense of reality? Am I caught in the twilight zone?

  2. I’m not aware of MMSD pushing to eliminate the few AP courses at West. I did spend a good deal of time in communication at West though, and learned that crucial staff there were not in support of existing or additional AP offerings. I wasted no time in sending a message to Pam Nash, sharing my enthusiasm for her comments about the district focusing on increasing the AP courses at Madison high schools!! I find this to be a very exciting option for those students who may have this as an interest. In my previous “information gathering” I found that some families who did choose to leave the district, did so because West had few AP offerings. I appreciate Ms. Nash for considering options in this and other areas of secondary education. Marcia

  3. I don’t think it’s been a secret that the MMSD began a program (Excel) during Valencia Douglas’ tenure that seeks out minorities, who have special academic talents, and gets them into the TAG and AP programs. Maybe this is just the logical extension of the that push- funding it.
    What has always excited me about Excel is that it actually “protects” the whole AP structure by making it more equitable as it serves a more diverse student population. I think the same type of philosophy should be utilized for other “less-than-diverse” but “no-less-valuable” programs, specifically in the fine arts curricula.

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