Student Shoots Classmate with BB Gun

Angela Bettis:

A 13-year-old boy is in police custody after allegedly shooting three fellow middle school students with a BB gun.
The incident happened on a Madison Metro bus Tuesday morning. Now that student could face expulsion. Officers say a Black Hawk Middle School 7th-grader hid a BB gun pistol in his sleeve, brought it on the school bus and shot one student in the chest and two others in the leg. Police say it all happened in the 500 block of Northport Drive.

2 thoughts on “Student Shoots Classmate with BB Gun”

  1. This is indeed an ironic situation. Black Hawk is a VERY safe school (and has been since Alan Harris arrived last year and Mary Kelley followed him as principal). However, no one can control what kids do off school property, except *maybe* their parents. The staff at Black Hawk did an awesome job yesterday, which makes my kids feel even safer!

  2. My (admittedly limited) experiences with Black Hawk have made me pretty comfortable with safety levels there. What has me worried is that our kids are expected to ride city buses to school day after day, with things like this happening around them, and no real way for the school systems to monitor any of it except in retrospect/after the fact. I am afraid that the bigger the individual schools get, the greater the chances that there will be one or more students at any given school who is desperate enough to try something like this, for whatever reason. Where we lived in Michigan, there were two supposedly separate high schools right next to each other, sharing library, auditorium and cafeteria space, with over 2300 students each! That is ridiculously large, and it seems to me that no one can monitor that many people in one place, much less that many growing adolescents (a percentage of which will be desperate and/or disturbed).

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