4 arrested after brawl at Memorial

A story by Steven Elbow from the Capital Times, November 10:

A brawl that police say was gang-related led to the arrest of four teenage boys Wednesday at Memorial High School.

The fight broke out in the school cafeteria just before 1:30 p.m. when one student reportedly stepped on another student’s foot. That sparked a fight that involved several students.
The arrested students, two 15-year-olds and two 16-year-olds, face disorderly conduct charges. Charges are pending against others who were involved, police said.
The incident follows several other recent gang-related fights and weapons violations at the school.
On Oct. 24, two boys confronted a third about over his gang affiliation, setting off a brawl that eventually drew several friends and family members. That same day, in an unrelated incident, a student punched a teacher in the face after the teacher asked the student to remove his hat.
The week before that saw four weapons-related incidents at the school, including one student with a loaded handgun in the parking lot and another student who had a large knife and a stash of ammunition in his car.

One thought on “4 arrested after brawl at Memorial”

  1. It was interesting that Rainwater’s comment about this was he would like to have a program set up where kids are taught how to behave in and out of the classroom. This program wouldn’t start for another two years, and it would begin in Kindergarten. Each school would have a different program.
    Funny thing is, my kids did this kind of program K-5, this has been in place in alot of schools for years. My kids turned off everytime someone came in because some of it was common sense, and after 6 years, of the same info, duh!!
    Two problems with this idea: 1) so the high schools need to wait 12 years before they have kids who know how to behave? and 2) the percentage of students that stay in MMSD K-12 is not real high, so kids would be hearing the same things each year and be dreading every time they dealt with psychologists/social workers.
    Rainwater is really out of touch with what is done in a classroom – being is background in phy ed, that might have something to say.

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