Questions about task force data

In surfing through the information posted for the task forces, I have two questions about some of it.
First, I don’t know why the MMSD staff presented the chart on Transportation_Students_Special Ed_ELL. However, the district does more busing and cabbing than just special ed and ELL students. Most children, I believe, in early childhood programs get bused or cabbed, but they may be included in the special ed students. In addition, children in TEP (Temporary Education Program) for homeless kids get bussed or cabbed (sometimes from Verona, Middleton, and Sun Prairie). If the chart were to include all kids who are bussed, the TEP kids definitely need to be added.

Second, another chart that shows classrooms set aside for districtwide programs does not show any districtwide program at Glenn Stephens Elementary. However, the 3rd Friday count shows 30 kids in an early childhood program at Glenn Stephens. Shouldn’t those kids show up in rooms at Glenn Stephens?
I hope that someone on the task forces will ask MMSD staff for clarification on these two issues, since complete data will help produce better recommendations.

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  1. Ed: The chart re: transportation of ELL and Special Ed students was given to the task force(s) because the citizem members asked for them. The charts show numbers of out-of-attendance-area kids who get brought into a school for programming reasons- for example, Mendota lacks an ELL program, so we can now see the level that Lindbergh’s ELL program shoulders the burden for Mendota. Busing patterns are a potential piece to the puzzle on the north and east sides; I can’t speak for what the West/Memorial folks might get out of this data. To my knowledge, TEP students are not considered Special Ed or ELL, unless of course they are Special Ed or ELL irrespective of their homeless student status, so they would not be listed on this chart. They would be listed under a report of the make-up of the TEP students. To my knowledge, no one has asked for that report, but it might very well have been included within the Emerson Elementary breakdown (and any other school that houses a TEP program).

  2. David,
    I was just suggesting that if the task force members want a full picture of all the busing and cabbing, the numbers should include TEP students and any other students in programs that provide a lot of transportation. Would you please pass that thought to members of the East task force?

  3. Ed,
    The west/memorial was concerned about the issue of distance and island busing. Some schools have higher busing numbers, Stepehens for example, than say Leopold. We were concerned more in general terms than specific.

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