East Options & West/Memorial Plans

The MMSD Web site lists eight options for further review by the task force. Rather than try to list them here, you can link to the meeting minutes with the options.
The minutes from the West/Memorial task force include the following:

Seven Task Force members indicated that they had ideas for options to begin the discussion. Jane noted that we would have members bring up their ideas and then determine how to proceed in refining the ideas. She also noted that District staff would analyze the options further before the next meeting of the Task Force.

3 thoughts on “East Options & West/Memorial Plans”

  1. Without going into the sordid details (ok, I like sordid details!), tonight’s East Task Force meeting yielded a total of 19 proposals- 8 from the last meeting plus a host of new ones, some proposed by Kurt Keifer and/or other administrative staff/board members via Kurt. They were not pared down; rather, copious details were fleshed out and the paring down begins at the next meeting.
    They also heard a great presentation by the Alternative Programs director, detailing his programs and his desire to keep them under one roof. This led to what is, perhaps, the most interesting discussion and request so far: that the space needs for Brearly Street be applied to the Doyle Building and the Doyle space needs be applied to the under-utilized East elementary schools (and O’Keefe Middle). Essentially, this would entail moving the alternative programs to Doyle and moving certain administrative offices to the empty East side space. The only hitch (physically) would be the need for green space for the SAPAR child care play area.
    Anyone downtown want to give up some parking spots for toddlers;)? Personally, after hearing the administration lambasted for years over being top heavy, out of touch, etc., this might be a unique idea that could be popular with voters…sacrifice some administrative comfort and convenience for student comfort and convenience!
    At the next meeting, the Task Force will begin by deciding if school closings are an option. The popular sentiment is that they are not, and once no one school rep feels threatened, then the work of fitting alternative programs and/or MSCR into open space (or the above mentioned Doyle shift) can begin in earnest. There is also a chance that some west-isthmus kids might be bussed to east-isthmus schools, which could give Leopold some breathing room. I’d guess that this will be discussed them the two task forces meet together in a few weeks.
    Basically, this was a pretty decent meeting, well attended by East area building principals especially. Obviously, more proposals and tinkering can (and will) occur. Where was the media?

  2. There is also Hoyt School which is filled with MSCR. Couldn’t that be moved to a school which is being looked at for being closed?
    Also, what about buying Dungeon from the city for a $1 and use that for a public school.
    There are so many alternative to alleviate the over space problems. Even the older schools have large classrooms for the SAGE classrooms, couldn’t two teachers share space? Ex. Schenk School.

  3. I’m delighted to read that I might have been off target on my early concerns about the task forces’ freedom to explore any and all options. I hope the West/Memorial task force meeting produced an equally large number of alternatives.

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