West Task Force Survey (Cherokee)

A task force created by the Board of Education is evaluating options to address overcrowding in the West and Memorial attendance areas. The task force is expected to recommend three options to the Board in early January; the option chosen will be implemented in fall, 2006. Please help the Cherokee task force members accurately represent your views by answering the questions below.

Survey: English | Spanish

One thought on “West Task Force Survey (Cherokee)”

  1. It’s possible that there may be some confusion about this survey. As the representatives for Cherokee on the task force, we need to get feedback on options so that we can accurately represent the wishes of the families at Cherokee. All other schools have reps who also have systems in place for gathering views from the community that they are designated to represent. As a general task force, we are of course interested in ALL input from the entire community of Madison. As the reps for Cherokee, we still need to be aware of the views of our “constituents”. There was some communication of frustration that we did not include all options on the “survey”. This frustration was likely due to a misunderstanding about the intention of the survey, related to the perception that it was intended for the entire community. We had asked that the survey not be posted on SIS, due to that potential confusion. It was sent home with all Cherokee families. Having said all that, the process continues to move along and it seems that a review of the numbers by MMMSD staff may indicate that the proposed option to move 122 students to Cherokee will not work. Back to the drawing board. . .. Many thanks to all who take the time to offer input to task force members. Feel free to share any information at my email address bastians@tds.net Marcia

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