The Seven Options of the West/Memorial Task Force

The MMSD Web site says that the West/Memorial task force “identified seven options for additional analysis” by MMSD staff. I asked Superintendent Rainwater’s Chief of Staff Mary Gulbrandsen for a list of the seven options, and here is her reply:

The West Memorial task force has not even seen the seven ideas that
were put forth by the seven small work groups, as they were the last
thing that we did at the meeting on Thursday night. We are just pulling the ideas together and are going to work with some of the members to actually create options. As soon as we have something that is in a form to send out to the task force, it will be posted on the MMSD website for reviewing. Mary

One thought on “The Seven Options of the West/Memorial Task Force”

  1. Ed,
    As you may realize these meetings have been administration presentation heavy and very regulated. The last meeting was the first time any ideas were put forth and it was in small groups. I dare say there is not much info to give to the public yet as the whole group did not even share ideas yet. It has been painfully slow and limited in its approach. The next few meetings should get more interesting.

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