Student Brings Weapons into Memorial High School

Another Memorial High School student was arrested Thursday, when school officials say a teen brought in a handgun magazine and 12 9-mm rounds to school.
News 3 reported a teacher noticed them when they fell out of the student’s pocket. A search of his car turned up two more boxes of ammo and a 12½ inch “Rambo Style” knife.
The student was taken to Dane County jail and arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and having a dangerous weapon on school grounds. Police said this is the third weapons incident at Memorial in a week.

2 thoughts on “Student Brings Weapons into Memorial High School”

  1. Given the big gang-related fight that I was told happened at Memorial today, along with the last week’s events, this is all quite troubling.

  2. Agreed. I hope with all that is going on tonight that some of our school leaders (board and administration) will attend the meeting tonight at Memorial High School to hear concerns from parents.
    I’d like to see some of our middle and elementary leaders present as well to explain to those of us raising younger children, the means being used to understand, minimize and prevent these events.

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