With apologies to Jonathan Swift:
Given the concerns about obesity in children – and the high cost of gasoline, I have a suggestion to deal with both. We need to redesign our buses so there are pedals for each rider – the students can provide much of the power to move the bus and reduce our reliance on gasoline while getting good exercise.
To take this one step further – we should design exercise rooms at the high schools so that bikes and treadmills also replace other energy sources.

5 thoughts on “A MODEST PROPOSAL”

  1. Excellent idea!
    It’s also environmentally fiendly, since the buses wouldn’t be burning diesel and gasoline fuels. Power plants wouldn’t need to burn coal and natural gas to make electricity for the schools.
    Your suggestion has my full support.

  2. Cheers to Carol. I will add to your list. The trash deposited on the ground after every lunch period around the High Schools and the morning and afternoon snack wrappers need to be picked up. Bending will eliminate a waist line and the waste, and I believe it would have far more benefit to the student and the community than sitting in detention after school.

  3. I think that is a great idea! Who says the board doesn’t think outside of the box? Maybe we could make it part of a physical education class? It could save even more money.
    Thanks for bringing some humor to the blog.

  4. Hey Carol,
    Our principal, Howard Fried, won’t let us parents accompany our children under 10 to school by bike. He’d rather have us drive them the less than a mile! How can we convince him that the BOE rule regarding bikes can be interpreted to allow us parents, that request we accompany our children, to bike with them to school? And that it is a good thing?

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