Equity Policy:  Discussion Not Voting

The issue of the district’s equity policy is on the agenda for this evening’s discussion to get more direction from the Board.  The last time the Board looked at this issue it indicated the need to establish a task force but did not specify membership, charge or process.  When I described my goals as President (and during the spring campaign) I specifically said I would follow through with creating a task force to look at the equity policy.  This is on a Special Board meeting because it is being brought to the Board for discussion not action.   I am sorry that there seems to be some confusion about this.

2 thoughts on “Equity Policy:  Discussion Not Voting”

  1. Thanks for your post, Carol. One question that I’m still fuzzy on – is the plan to create a task force still on the table? and if so, how does that fit with tonight’s agenda? Sorry to be so obtuse – I just don’t have a lot to go on and know that this will be of interest to the East High community.

  2. Just a note:
    The agenda link *does* work for the regular meeting, but the computer being used should have the latest version of Adobe (which there is a link to attain it). Mine worked with version 6 Adobe Acrobat.

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