One thought on “UW Madison Math Tutors”

  1. Jim, thanks for posting this. I had a very positive experience with a tutor that we hired from that list four years ago. In general, the faculty and grad students in that department are terrific – and often unappreciated – resources for students, parents, and the community.
    Another resource I’d mention is Sylvan Learning Centers. They do a terrific job – especially if you have a child who has learning disabilities and/or is struggling with math because they need the basic concepts and operations before they can “discover” whatever it is that they are supposed to discover in connected math. Sylvan tests first to see where the student is at with skills – a real eyeopener for us – BEFORE they work with the student. They work from the current level and move toward specific goals. The diagnostic tests and regular feedback are a godsend after dealing with the smoke and mirrors feedback that often comes from the schools.

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