Put “no” voters on task force

The long range planning committee approved motions to address the East and West side “demographics and long range facility needs, including the development of a task force, a charge to the task force, task force membership, task force timeline, and task force process.”
The West side task force will presumably tackle the problem of Leopold overcrowding. The body should definitely include representatives of those of us who voted against the referendum on building a second school at Leopold. Hopefully, an inclusive group will produce a proposal that can win wide-spread support. A task force only of supporters will likely fail to gain needed public confidence.

One thought on “Put “no” voters on task force”

  1. So Ed, the way an individual votes should be the main factor to determine if they should be on the task force? I’m not one to ask people how they voted. I think that’s an invasion of their personal rights. What matters is their willingness to serve our community and to listen to all the opinions set forth to make an informed and educated recommendation.
    Any recommendations a task force makes will be placed before the board and community for final discussion and decision making.
    If those who voted no want to participate, great! Then they should be willing to apply (fill out any application) and volunteer.

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