Information From School Districts Across The State

This information was given to Madison school board members via Joe Quick, Legislative Liaison.
Editorial on closing schools

Recall of New Berlin BOE members
What happens in Waukesha when you budget according to the Gov’s proposal
Milwaukee voucher program proceeds * still no accountability, but after 15 years, now teachers in voucher schools must have a HS diploma
Paying school fees in order to get your diploma

One thought on “Information From School Districts Across The State”

    Recall effort seems to be motive for other goals
    In an article earlier this week, New Berlin recaller Douglas Dehler admitted that the real reason for the recall is the fact that he wants a
    tax increase referendum.
    What Mr. Dehler seems to miss completely is that this board has simply done what it promised to do.
    When these four board members ran for office, they promised to take care of our buildings within the regular budget and without tax increase referendums. That is what they have done since they were
    Now Dehler wants to recall them for this?
    Doug Dehler is a trial lawyer who specializes in health insurance lawsuits. The article also indicated that Dehler lives in Wauwatosa.
    Why would a liberal trial lawyer from Wauwatosa start a recall in New Berlin? He wants to increase property taxes for all of us in New Berlin, yet he wouldn’t even have to pay those taxes himself because he lives in Wauwatosa!
    The recall is clearly an attempt by a left-wing extremist who cannot accept the democracy we have here in New Berlin.
    If Mr. Dehler really wants people to pay higher taxes, maybe he should contact the Wauwatosa School Board where he lives and
    ask them to foot the bill.
    Matt Thomas
    New Berlin
    Former School Board member

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