2005-2006 Madison School Board Committee Goals

President Carol Carstensen’s Board Goals 7MB Video
Bill Keys’ Long Range Planning Goals 8MB Video
Lawrie Kobza’s Partnership Committee Goals 6MB Video
Juan Jose Lopez’s Human Resource Committee Goals 3.5MB Video
Ruth Robarts’ Legislative Committee Goals 3MB Video
Shwaw Vang’s Performance & Achievement Committee Goals 4MB Video
Johnny Winston Jr.’s Finance & Operations Committee Goals 4MB Video

2 thoughts on “2005-2006 Madison School Board Committee Goals”

  1. Bravo! I was delighted to see that each committee chair set goals for their committee in the coming school year.
    Several of the goals followed some of the suggestions posted on the blog by several people.
    While the Board and others seem to dislike the blog, they seem to be willing to “listen” to the posts.
    Thanks to all the committee chairs.

  2. Wow info when I have time. Thanks for putting this on the web and more power to Carol if she can get future meetings televised. Thanks for the info.

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