MMSD plans more West side expansion

The MMSD Web site includes a map that shows a “future MMSD boundary” around Crestwood, Huegel, and Chavez.
The map raises many questions. Why would the MMSD want to expand its boundaries? When might the expansion occur? What are the figures on population growth in the areas to be included? Will the expansion require a referendum to build another school?
Can anyone provide any insight into the MMSD plans?

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  1. In the context of the Long Range Planning committee this year, the growth on the westside and future plans were discussed in passing. The Superintendent commented that he expects that there will be a need for a new elementary school west of Chavez (e.g. Hawks Landing area) within the next 5 years or so. And a need for a 5th high school on the far west side about 20 years out.

  2. Ed,
    In looking at the map, I noticed it was created in January 2005. I live in the ‘island’ neighborhood surrounded by new red boundary lines and I’m a parent at Crestwood Elementary.
    I can only speak to what I know has been happening in our community. That said, I know our neighborhood association and parents have been communicating with both the board and the administration to provide information on several (5-6) new developments off Hwy M between Hwy PD and Mineral Point Road. These are all being planned through developers working with the city planning commission.
    To answer your questions: I’m not sure who decides the school boundary lines as much as it’s a decision of to whom these new residents will pay taxes. Currently, we have a Verona mailing address but our tax dollars are paid to Madison. The other schools to which these boundaries are adjacent are Middleton-Cross Plains and Verona.
    When will these expansions occur? 3 of them are in the planning stages with at least 2 others platted for lots and will be building this summer/fall. I would estimate 1-4 years for construction but that is purely a guess.
    Population growth? The 2 being platted and staked will be median income homes. Currently we also have mix-income housing being built in our neighborhood and I anticipate more in coming years. The district is working with developers to estimate population growth but can really only estimate those that have platted lots.
    Will the expansion require a referendum to build another school? That will depend on the growth for this area and that of the current referenda. Students are already being outsourced from the Leopold area and are contributing to the population at Chavez and Thoreau. As well, the Crestwood, Stevens and Muir neighborhood homes, to which we are currently slated, are being sold to younger families with elementary age children. Over the past 2 years, Stevens has seen an increase of 30% in kindergarten age children maintaining 6 classrooms for each grade. As well, Crestwood has increased in elementary age children and Muir is already close to capacity. I did my own research by talking with our principal (our neighborhood had 25 new kindergarten students alone for ’04-’05) visiting the school to which my family would be moved (Glen Stevens) and my husband is a Muir alum (his parents still remain in the Muir neighborhood as well). I believe the private pools, at least one of them off Yellowstone is increasing in membership as well, which is a good indicator for younger families moving into existing older neighborhoods.
    In listening to the Kidd & Mistele post I am very concerned that they really don’t have a good understanding for what is happening in our neighborhood. It is frustrating to hear new residents try to interpret data for those of us living it.
    I’m unsure of where you live but invite you to drive over and see for yourself all the “other” homes already built off Hwy PD, North High Point Road, Midtown-HwyM east; Country Grove road; Maple Grove Road — these will affect Stevens and Chavez and do not include the larger red lines you can see on the west side of the map. The map also does not display the growth being planned for south Fish Hatchery Road and south of Hwy PD/McKee east of Verona Road.

  3. Thanks for the information, Jill and Marisue.
    I hope that Bill Keys begins to do some hard work on Westside expansion as new chair of Long Range Planning so that we can avoid so many unanswered questions that are plaguing the Leopold decision.

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