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January 14, 2008

Where Have all the Students Gone? An Update

An update to Barb Schrank's November, 2005 post:

Comments from a reader:

At $6,000 per child that's about $16 million per year. At $9,000 per child, that's about $23 million per year. If we kept 332, that would be $2-3 million more per year.

Also, MMSD not only lost students, which has a negative effect on what the district gets under revenue caps, we've increased our low-income population, which means that for every dollar the district gets, more of those dollars need to be spent on non-instructional services.

If the district does not consider the economic development implications of its decisions, we're likely to

  • see more go to school outside MMSD, or
  • for the non-low income students who go to school here increased family dollars will be spent on private aspects of education- lessons, tutoring, etc.
Madison's population in 2000 was 208,054 and is estimated to be 223,389, according to the census bureau. Madison's poverty rate is estimated to be 13%, according to the Small Area Estimates Branch [Website].

Per Student Spending (06/07 Budget)AdministratorsTotal StaffACT % Tested (05-06)ACT Comp Score
Middleton-Cross Plains51255640$12,82221756.37324.5
Sun Priarie47765946$11,23820741.362.623
Monona Grove27022885$12,2891338871.422.6
Data sources:Thanks to a number of readers for the updated information. Posted by Jim Zellmer at January 14, 2008 12:10 AM
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