Loneliness Is a Big Problem

John Maxwell:

Lately, I’ve been having an alarming amount of conversations arise about the burdens of loneliness, alienation, rootlessness, and a lack of belonging that many of my peers feel, especially in the Bay Area. I feel it too. Everyone has a gazillion friends and events to attend. But there’s a palpable lack of social fabric. I worry that this atomization is becoming a world-wide phenomenon – that we might be some of the first generations without the sort of community that it’s in human nature to rely on.

And that the result is a worsening epidemic of mental illness…
Without the framework of a uniting religion, ethnicity, or purpose, it’s hard to get people to truly commit to a given community. Especially when it’s so easy to swipe left and opt for things that offer the fleeting feeling of community without being the real thing: the parties, the once-a-month lecture series, the Facebook threads, the workshops, the New Age ceremonies. We often use these as “community porn” – they’re easier than the real thing and they satisfy enough of the craving. But they don’t make you whole.