Expanded tax-credit scholarship would help more kids succeed (K-12)

Shareka Wright:

I am not your typical parent who pays out of pocket for private-school tuition.

I am a single mother of three. I drive a garbage truck for the City of Orlando. It works me to the bone, and I often put in more than 50 or 60 hours a week. But I do it in order to send my two youngest sons to Miracle Grace Academy.

We live paycheck to paycheck, and sometimes I have to choose between buying food and paying tuition.

I picked a private school because Zion and Jadyn were struggling so much in their public school last year. But I am very pro-public schools. My oldest, Kymontae, is doing well in his magnet school.

When my youngest sons were bringing home D’s and F’s; when Zion had a substitute teacher for his entire second-grade year and fell way behind; when Jadyn was bullied in kindergarten by the bigger kids in his K-8 school and was afraid of having his lunch money taken every day … well, as a mother, I just had to take action.

I found Miracle Grace Academy in Orlando, and knew immediately it was the right place for my boys. We applied for the Florida Tax Credit scholarship, but sadly we were left on the waiting list.

Madison has long tolerated disastrous reading results. This despite spending far more than most.

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