Civics: Is the Virginia Education Association Running Its Own “Wildcat” Group?

Mike Antonucci:

The Virginia Educators United web site states the group is a grassroots organization and “Our structure does not report to other organizations.”

That may be true, but VEU has enough links to VEA to make you wonder whether it matters who’s reporting to whom.

The one-day “strike” just happens to coincide with VEA’s lobby day at the state Capitol. VEA doesn’t mention anything about VEU, and VEU doesn’t mention anything about VEA, which is odd since they must have coordinated the date. Plus the VEU march ends at the Capitol just as the VEA rally is set to begin.

It bears mentioning that VEU says nothing about a strike or a walkout, and VEA advises members to “secure leave” for the event.

Some digging turned up four people who are deeply involved in running VEU. At least three of them are office-holders in a VEA affiliate. At least one of them recruits members for a VEA local.

Oh, and the January 28 rally ends with an open house at VEA headquarters.