On the Madison School District’s “Achievement Gap” Plan and Looming Superintendent Departure

Matthew DeFour:

Madison Superintendent Dan Nerad’s impending departure raises questions about the future of this year’s biggest budget initiative: the School District’s $49 million achievement gap plan.
“It’s a big question mark” whether a new superintendent will want to adopt the plan or make changes, said Michael Johnson, CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County.
“I don’t think (the School Board) should adopt the whole plan and hand it over to the new superintendent,” Johnson said. “I wouldn’t take a job if a board of directors said, ‘Here’s the plan we came up with and want you to execute.'”
Nerad said Friday he plans to accept a superintendent job offer in Birmingham, Mich., and leave Madison by September.

One thought on “On the Madison School District’s “Achievement Gap” Plan and Looming Superintendent Departure”

  1. Another budget increase,another superintendent,more of the same,no change in failur rate going down,throwing more money at it,hiring another superintendent wont help until we are able to recognize the role of parenting in student achievent and behavior.Many of student problems are caused by a lack of parenting due to addictions,mental illness,and other causes that can not be addressed by teachers.

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