What Does the Governor’s Budget Mean for the Madison School District?

Madison School Board Member Ed Hughes:

The Governor has stated that the cuts in benefits he is imposing on public employees will allow school districts and other governmental agencies to absorb the cuts in state aid that they will sustain without requiring significant layoffs or decreases in services.
Does that claim hold up? Well, for our school district it looks like it might.
If my assumptions are correct, it looks like the big financial hits the Governor wants our teachers to absorb will enable us to make it through the recommended cuts in state aid and in our spending authority without the need for significant layoffs.
I need to emphasize that this conclusion is tentative and certainly subject to revision as I learn more. But this is how I see it now.
School budgeting issues are invariably confusing. The confusion can be reduced a bit if two issues are kept separate. The first is: How much money can we spend? The second: Where will that money come from?

David Blaska has more on Ed Hughes’ blog, here

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Madison school board member says governor’s budget could work
I have long felt that Ed Hughes is probably squarely in the center of the Madison school board — not too hot, not too cold. His take on Governor Walker’s budget as unveiled Tuesday is that it could work for Madison without teacher layoffs:

One thought on “What Does the Governor’s Budget Mean for the Madison School District?”

  1. My response to David Blaska:
    If I read the blog correctly, Ed Hughes’ blog works only if the school board votes to raise property taxes by over $10 million a year in unused authority and c. $4 million a year in approved referendum authority.
    Didn’t think the governor’s proposal allows property tax increases, but thrilled to hear that Dave Blaska supports that level of property tax increase. Thanks!!!

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