Madison School District’s Outbound Open Enrollment for 2009/2010

648 (2.68% of the District’s enrollment) students open enrolled out for the 2009/2010 school year. 217 high school, 127 middle school and 304 elementary students. [704K PDF: pages 14, 15 and 16]
More on the history of Wisconsin open enrollment, here. Enrollment numbers drive a school district’s tax and spending authority. Wisconsin Open Enrollment website.

4 thoughts on “Madison School District’s Outbound Open Enrollment for 2009/2010”

  1. I’d be interested to know how many additional open enrollment applications there were that were denied. I think there are a lot of unhappy families who are trying to get their children a safer and more academically challenging education than what some MMSD schools offer.

  2. If you look at the pdf Jim has linked, you’ll find that 643/906 requests were approved for next year (as compared to 452/512 for this year). The denials can be from either the MMSD or the other district.
    It’s worth perusing this document to see what MMSD schools families want to leave, as well as where the ones who leave go.

  3. It would also be interesting to see the open enrollment requests to transfer into MMSD and which districts they are coming from. I know MMSD has a net loss through open enrollment, but there are kids coming in too.

  4. I wonder what the document referenced above means by ‘duplicated.’ I thought that might refer to families that request open enrollment in more than one school district. The 08-09 data listed claims MMSD only denied 12 applications. My guess is that most of those were due to prohibitive costs to MMSD for special ed.
    Here is a document from MMSD with lots of data about private school, home-school, open enrollment, etc.
    Note for the private school data, that not all private schools report data to MMSD. Not included are non-Catholic schools such as Wingra, EAGLE, Madsion Country Day, all the non-Catholic religious schools.
    Here is another document with very detailed info about Leopold. Again, the private school data do not include all schools. In particular, EAGLE is quite close for many Leopold families, so the picture is not complete w/o this data.

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