Madison’s Superintendent Search: Public Input

The public has an opportunitiy to provide input regarding qualities sought for the new Superintendent:

  • 9/19/2007; 7:00p.m. at Memorial High School (Auditorium) [Map]
  • 9/20/2007; 7:00p.m. La Follette High School (Auditorium) [Map]

I passed along a few general thoughts earlier today:

  • Candor
    An organization’s forthrightness and philosophy is set from the top.
    I cited examples including: the past method of discussing referendum costs without the effect of negative aid (reduction in state aids that requires increased local property taxes), parsing math and reading test results, structural deficits and collecting data on new initiatives to determine their validity and utility [RSS]. Public/Taxpayer confidence in our $340M+ school district is critical to successful future referendums.

  • Interact with our rich community
    Madison offers an unprecedented financial and intellectual environment for someone willing to seize the opportunity.

  • Raise academic expectations via a substantive, world class curriculum
    We do our students no favors by watering down curricular quality.

Susan Troller has more.

2 thoughts on “Madison’s Superintendent Search: Public Input”

  1. One person offered this assessment of the process:
    “The focus group today was a little underwhelming in terms of what I was able to offer . . . beyond the form.”

  2. I appreciate that I had the opportunity to attend a session.
    Thanks to Arlene Silvera who personally greeted those in attendance. You can rail against the Board, but I feel the need to show support for coalition building efforts. There were such divergent views in our room, I don’t envy anyone who attempts to fill the Superintendant’s role.
    I wonder how many surveys will be returned? Why do we have such apathy about a vital decision? Do we not believe a strong public school system is a key quality of life factor in Madison? If we want to show commitment to a new leader what better way than to participate?

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