Human Resources Committee of Madison Board To Set Agenda

On Monday, August 21 the Human Resources Committee of the Madison School Board will have its first meeting at 7:00 p.m. in Room 103 of the Doyle Administration Building (545 West Dayton Street).
Following a goal-setting meeting of the Board on June 19, the committee will address a number of important issues, beginning with alternative ways that the district could negotiate health insurance coverage for its employees with the goal of providing the same quality service, higher wages and savings for the district. Committee members this year are Shwaw Vang and Lawrie Kobza. I am the chair.

To: Human Resources Committee & Staff
From: Ruth Robarts
Date: August 17, 2006
RE: Goals and agenda for HR Committee for 2006-07 and schedule for meetings

Below are the issues identified at the Board’s June 19, 2006 meeting for the Human Resources Committee for 2006-07 and a proposed calendar for addressing the issues. At our planning meeting on August 21, I hope that we can agree to set calendar for regular meetings (a set Monday of each month and a set meeting time). I have contacted Bob Butler, a Wisconsin Association of School Boards consultant, to make a presentation on approaches to negotiating employee health insurance. Bob has agreed to make a presentation but I cannot reach him before Monday in order to find out when he’s available on a Monday in September.
I look forward to talking with you about our goals.

Health Insurance

• Review impact of current employee health insurance options on district costs, salary increases, post-retirement payments for all bargaining units and administrators
• Consider recommendations for change

Administrator Employment

• Review total compensation packages (including free parking, memberships, subscriptions, post-retirement hiring, etc.)
• Compare starting salaries and ranges with other districts
• Review policies/ procedures and revise if necessary
Timing of approvals for extension of administrators’ contracts
Merit pay
Performance evaluation
Board and public role in selection and reassignment of principals
Handling of parent or staff complaints
Teacher Employment
• Compare Admin/Teacher salaries
Compare starting salaries and salary range with other districts
Review retirement payments and post-retirement obligations
Review layoff process re: keeping the best teachers
Review buyouts of contracts without Board review and approval
Review handling of parent complaints
Minority Recruitment/Retention
• Review annual reports
Monthly on a set Monday at a set time to help the public participate in our activities and with a month between presentations of information and recommendations for action
August : set goals, priorities and calendar
September: WASB presentation on impacts of current health insurance plans
October: Recommendations re: district approach to health insurance costs
and review of handling of parent complaints about teachers, principals or other administrators
November: Review merit pay , contract renewal, performance evaluations, hiring and reassignment of administrators and related topics
December: Recommendations for re: merit pay, contract renewal, performance evaluations, hiring and reassignment of administrators or related topics
January: Presentation comparing administrator/teacher salaries and benefits with comparable districts (start salaries, benefits, salary ranges, post-retirement employment, early retirement plans, etc.)

Recommendations re: approach to administrator/teacher salaries

Review annual report on minority recruitment/retention