Congratulations to LaFollette Principal Mike Meissen

Message to the School Board from Superintendent Art Rainwater:
I am pleased to announce that Mike Meissen has accepted the position of Superintendent of the Glenbard Township High School District in Illinois effective July 1, 2006. Glenbard is a high school district with 4 high schools and almost 9,000 students.
After many years of service to the children of Madison, we are all very excited that Mike can realize his dream of leading a school district.

Note from me: I think this is a wonderful opportunity for Mr. Meissen. He has been very dedicated to LaFollette and the community as a whole. I know he’ll do a great job for the Glenbard Township High School District.

  • Johnny –
    Thanks for posting this information. I agree, best wishes to Mike.

  • Kevin

    We moved to Madison 15 months ago from the Glenbard District. They have maintained high standards but are facing significant financials issues. I expect we’ll be getting a number of calls from friends asking about Mr. Meissen – what’s he like, what has he accomplished, etc. I have not had any exposure to him. Would anyone care to fill me in? Thanks.

  • Hi Kevin:
    I met Mike briefly at the recent Gangs and School Violence Forum:
    I was impressed that he (along with the other principals) attended and participated in what is obviously a challenging and charged issue.
    I’m sure there are others with far more direct experience.

  • Johnny Winston, Jr.

    I know that Mr. Meissen has wanted to be a Superintendent for a long time. I believe this makes him “hungry” to do well. His father was a long time Principal in the MMSD. If my memory serves me, when he first started at LaFollette, I believe there was skepticism about his abilities but he soon won over the students, staff and community. He seems very easy going and even-tempered. I have heard few complaints about his leadership. I think he’ll do a great job! I’m very happy for him.