School Clothes Needed…

If you can help please contact Renita Evans at 274-9001 or Thank you.

Renita Evans wrote:
I am sending this email on behalf of an old friend/acquaintance. Her name is Patricia; Patricia has two sons in school Lateef and Rasheed. Last week I ran into Lateef at the Barber Shop, he asked me if I would be able to help he and his younger brother with school clothes and supplies this year as their mom is not in a position to do anything for them and school starts Sept. 1. Immediately, I thought of the Back to School Back Pack give always that will be happening within the next few weeks but I could not think of any resources for them to receive clothing. So, as I am not able to clothe these 2 boys alone I am reaching out to the communities in which I live and function asking for help on behalf of these two young boys.
Lateef called and left a message on my voicemail with their sizes. They are as follows:
Lateef: Top XL, Pants 30 R (Lateef is about 13 or 14)
Rasheed: Top L, Pants 10 R (Rasheed is about 8 or 9)
If you can and feel lead to help in this way, you may get the items to me and/or lead me to any resources that I may be able to lead them to.
I will make sure they get it before the 1st.
Thanks so much for your time, consideration, and prayers concerning this.