Speakers Needed for Schools Make a Difference

Johnny Winston, Jr. forwarded this announcement from Ken Syke:

School Makes A Difference is a career exploration and planning activity for Madison 8th grade students. It is an opportunity for students to hear adults tell about their career journey and to ask questions and have a brief dialogue with the presenters.

Sign up with this excel file and email it to Ken Syke (ksyke at madison.k12.wi.us)

The Business and Education Partnership believes this activity helps students to learn about career planning, and to hear from successful adults that there is no one way or right way to achieve one�s career goal. Students will also hear that career goals change because of personal interest, talent and opportunity.
We would very much appreciate the willingness of some of your group members to speak to 8th grade students about their own career. Each person speaks for 5 – 10 minutes two times to different classes. We ask speakers to talk about their own career and career choices. Speakers from a wide variety of jobs and careers are welcome.
Schools would like more speakers of color, and persons in jobs that don�t necessarily require a 4-year college degree. It�s wonderful when one person can go to 2 or more schools, especially where we need �more speakers.� We need about 350 speakers in all, so please encourage participation!
The sign-up sheets on the 2nd attachment give the dates and times of School Makes A Difference at ten middle schools. Please place your name and career field in the right column block by the school/s that you will attend. At the bottom, indicate your own mailing address. Then return the sheets by fax or e-mail as indicated on the sheet bottom.
About one week prior to the speaking day, you will receive by mail detailed information (what to talk about, school and room location, etc.) about the program.
We hope that your organization can participate in School Makes A Difference this year. Thanks for your assistance in communicating to students about career planning.
Ken Syke
Business and Education Partnership, Inc.
Phones: Ken � 663-1903