Notes on politics and virtual schools

Ty Babinski:

As president of the Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families, I am committed to working with any lawmaker, from any party and region of the state, who will champion the causes of our students. But you have to earn my support. 

Similarly, you’ll have to earn the support of all of our members, and the other voters you court as well.

Our coalition members will be asking you your positions on four issues. Do your homework. Be prepared.

1. Allow remote test taking of state standardized tests.
States across the country are realizing the foolishness of prohibiting the remote proctoring of standardized tests. Online charter schools and their students shouldn’t be forced to travel great distances at great expense to take the Forward Exam and other standardized tests.

2. Let the kids play.
Students who attend virtual charter schools should have the same opportunities as homeschooled students to participate in the extracurricular activities of their “home” districts. Our tax dollars help finance these facilities, our kids deserve access.
Students at private schools have access to these services. But only online public charter school students are now expressly prohibited from participating in sports and other clubs offered by the “local or home” district.