‘They are in over their heads’: Some leaders, stakeholders want to see changes in Milwaukee k-12 referendum after financial mess

By: Jenna Wells 

“Talk to the people who are paying for the referendum,” Spiker said.

He also wants to see a 25% reduction in their $252 million referendum.

Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce is calling for a full suspension.

“The Milwaukee Public School Board needs to immediately announce that they are not moving forward with this referendum,” said Dale Kooyenga, president of MMAC. “The referendum gives them the ability to raise property taxes, it doesn’t require them to raise property taxes.”

Kooyenga said he believes the MPS board’s financial mishandlings eroded the trust of taxpayers.

“The first step when you actually go to pass a budget is to know what your starting point is. They don’t even know what their starting point is,” he said.


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