“Only if they request it”

Liz Collin:

At the meeting, she pointed to a section of the document which states that parents will be provided with “information about whether [their] child is transgender” only if they request it.

“So how would a parent know to request such information if they aren’t aware that their child is struggling with gender dysphoria? How would a parent be able to care for and support their student if the school never reached out to them?” Barton said.

Barton, who said she’s willing to stand up for the truth “even if it comes at a cost,” shared her story https://alphanews.org/rochester-counselor-blows-whistle-on-trans-guidelines-that-district-was-trying-to-hide/this week on Liz Collin Reports.

She has been a school counselor at an elementary school in the district for the last few years, but what happened at a staff meeting earlier this school year didn’t sit well with her.

“On Feb. 14 of this year, we had a staff meeting, as we do every month. We had a staff member present about a topic that was very controversial entitled ‘pronouns.’ She asked that we prayerfully consider using them in the classroom and students expressing themselves with those pronouns and asked us to watch a video about pronouns where a nonbinary lady basically educated us on what pronouns were and different types of pronouns and why they’re really important to use in gender-affirming care,” Barton explained.