Past audit shows Milwaukee k-12 board knew of finance issues; lawmaker calls for federal investigation

By: A.J. Bayatpour

Less than 24 hours after Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) board members negotiated a resignation agreement with former Superintendent Keith Posley, a state lawmaker called for a federal investigation into the district’s finances.

State Rep. LaKeshia Myers (D-Milwaukee) said Tuesday she wanted the U.S. Department of Education to look into how MPS has handled past funding in light of the revelation MPS is more than eight months overdue on turning audited 2023 financial data over to the state.

“To look at all of the federal funding that we get, to see if there was any mismanagement of those funds,” Myers said.

Myers said she did not take issue with Posley receiving $160,000 in severance pay, reasoning Posley likely would have sued had the board fired him, kicking off a potentially costly legal battle.


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