More redistributed taxpayer funds for Milwaukee, less for other WI cities

Dale Kooyenga:

An unreported story is that the infamous MPS Referendum results in $48M in WI Taxpayer money being redirected from non-MPS districts to MPS. Here are some of the revenue reductions these districts will realize: Appleton$1.6M, Madison $2.3M, Racine $2M, @ElmbrookSchools $673k,



Much more on the “infamous 2024 Milwaukee K-12 tax & spending increase referendum”, here.


Lucas Vebber:

Legislature creates the OSPP to help improve schools in a school district rated as “failing” on state report cards (at the time, MPS)
☑️ DPI then changes report card system so that MPS is no longer listed as “failing”
☑️ County Executive refuses to appoint anyone to run OSPP