Understanding math reform ideology with Tom Loveless 

Chalk & Talk:

In this episode, math professor Anna Stokke is joined by education policy expert, Dr. Tom Loveless.

They discuss the National Math Advisory Panel and some of the recommendations in from its final report.

They talk about the influential 1989 NCTM standards and their global impact on math education as well as the history of the math wars. Tom discusses some of his concerns about the California Math Framework and whether its recommendations are aligned with those in the National Math Advisory Panel report.

They cover many other topics such as San Francisco’s unsuccessful de-tracking initiative and the importance of memorizing math facts.

This episode is a must listen for anyone who teaches math, as well as parents and policymakers. PREVIOUS EPISODES MENTIONED Red flags in education research with Ben Solomon (Ep 23) Modern relevance in the math curriculum with Brian Conrad (Ep 15)