Boys and Men in the United States Are Struggling. The Left Should Talk About It.

Richard Reeves::

Let’s start with the economy and the labor market, where the well-told story about wage stagnation is particularly acute for men. Most American men earned less in 2019 than most American men did in 1979.

Of course, it’s also true that wages didn’t grow that quickly for working-class women by comparison to other women. But women’s wages did grow across the board — just faster at the top than at the bottom — whereas for men you saw wage stagnation.

What that means is that the only reason that middle-class American households saw any rise in their household incomes at all over that period was because of women. It was women’s work, women’s wages. So there’s all kinds of downstream consequences.

Then if we turn to something like education, what we see is a massive overtaking by girls and women of men, such that there’s now a bigger gender gap in education today than there was in 1972. On college campuses, for example, women are further ahead of men now than men were ahead of women when we passed Title IX in 1972.